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Who Are We

Sunvolt is an extremely personable and friendly company to work for and with. Direct communication ensures the team’s efficiency. We communicate with the customer and take our time to understand what they are looking for. This is why Sunvolt is a 5-star reviewed company. Although small, the team has bountiful amounts of passion for this industry, which shines through in customer reviews and recommendations. Have a read below to see who you will be communicating with directly.

James Meggison

James is the Managing Director at Sunvolt. He is extremely dedicated to his work and has an extensive background in sales. James is exceptionally passionate about customer-client relationships and strives to continue Sunvolt’s 5-star service indefinitely. He believes through customer satisfaction and great communication; he can further assist and help people to reduce their carbon footprint by generating their electricity. This can be achieved through the continuous sale and implementation of Solar and PV equipment. James has many goals and aspirations to further the growth of Sunvolt, with his main aim being to heavily contribute to a greener environment for a sustainable future.

Cicely McFarlane

Cicely is the office manager at Sunvolt. She enjoys speaking to customers daily and assisting them with any questions or queries they may have. She strives towards sustainable living and wants this to reflect in her workplace. Working for a company that has eco-friendly goals and ambitions is why Sunvolt is such a great fit. Cicely also heavily contributes to Sunvolt’s blog and social media sites, as she has a passion for writing and creating content. Make sure to click on Sunvolt’s socials that are linked below to keep up to date with the company’s journey and its endeavours.

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